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Professor Ingo Karpen

Professor Ingo Karpen

Ingo brings a wealth of international experience to his consulting assignments. Ingo is passionate about the essentiality and existentialism of human affairs, seeking impact on individual and system well-being. In doing so, he believes in combining experience design with strategic design while giving space to heartfelt human connection.

He is an internationally award-winning researcher and educator, working with organisations as an expert in human-centred design to drive innovation. His research and industry experience directly informs the teaching in his Design Thinking for Business course as part of RMIT’s Executive MBA and his collaborations with client organisations.

As a design practitioner and facilitator, Ingo works with various organisations across sectors (e.g. health, legal, finance, property, government, education, automotive, and NGOs) to build their design thinking capacity. This extends to product and service development but focuses on system-level cultural and strategic development.

Ingo’s research has been published in highly reputed academic journals, including the Journal of Service Research, and he serves as an editorial board member for such. He has also co-edited a book on Strategic Design ( and frequently speaks at international conferences about human experience and innovation matters.

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