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Aimée Samuels-Meens

Aimée Samuels-Meens

Aimée Samuels-Meens is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in coaching, facilitation, and consultancy. As a Senior Consultant, she has significantly impacted various organizations and individuals, helping them achieve lasting change and development.
Aimée is passionate about people and believes every individual embarks on their journey. A creative coach who is naturally curious, a good listener and who enjoys uncovering people's 'gems’.

Her international career has been significantly shaped by her leadership experience as a people manager, trainer, mentor, and coach. She thrives on enabling others to shift mindsets, uncover their strengths, recognise their potential, and navigate their journey forward.

Starting her career in retail, she led the rollout of a national people support system at Makro Wholesalers across the United Kingdom, and at IKEA was responsible for people development in the critical areas of leadership and change management.

Some career highlights include:

• Rebuilding individual and corporate self-esteem and productivity following a significant, national, company-wide restructure & redundancy program in the UK
• Managing a team of 90 where training, development and growth were always a priority. Many of those team members have now secured senior roles internationally
• Being the co-founder of a successful coaching & training business in the UK that worked across public and private sectors focused on solution-focused approaches, coaching and training.
• One-on-one support of 900+ people in their career journeys.

Aimée is an expert facilitator and has also run her consultancy in the UK, training and advising a variety of SMEs and large organisations on aligning people management strategies with organisational goals.

She speaks several languages and has Industry expertise in Retail, Education, Government, Financial Services, Health, Not for profit and The Arts.

She holds a Master of Arts (Hons) in Spanish and Modern History from St Andrew’s University and a CIPD Certificate in Training Practice. She is a Professional Member of the CDAA and accredited in the Birkman Method, MRG Personal Directions, CILCA / HILCA 360 (Care/Health Industry Leadership Capability Assessment) and GLWS (Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey).

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