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Professor Andy Stewart

Professor Andy Stewart

Hailing from the historic town of Kilmarnock, Scotland, Professor Andy Stewart's lineage is steeped in remarkable athletic prowess. His mother proudly represented the GB Olympic Swimming Team in 1952, while his father donned the Scottish colours in Water Polo. Further exemplifying the family's exceptional sporting legacy, his brother was the first in the UK to clinch the esteemed Ribena Award for an audacious mile-long butterfly swim.

Professor Stewart carved a niche in the sporting arena, initially embracing swimming before transitioning to rugby. His dedication and prowess saw him represent Scotland at U18 and U21 levels and earn a place in the Scotland Universities team.

However, life threw a curveball, shortening his promising rugby career due to injury. This twist of fate led him to New Zealand. At the University of Otago, Professor Stewart discovered an insatiable appetite for research. This newfound passion culminated in a PhD from the School of Physical Education and Department of Physiology.

In the subsequent years, Professor Stewart has undertaken a monumental journey through academia, transcending boundaries, and disciplines. His research interests evolved, including Physical Education, Sports Science, and Sports Medicine, ultimately focusing on sports injuries, athlete training loads, and the intriguing aspects of return to play, travel, and jet lag.

Presently, Professor Stewart holds the esteemed title of Dean of the School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences at CQU. This school encapsulates the College of Clinical Sciences, Health Science, Psychology, and Science and Sustainability. Under his astute leadership, numerous courses spanning Medicine, Health, Allied Health, and Sport and Exercise Science have achieved accreditation across universities in Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia.

Professor Stewart's influence extends to elite national roles, having previously helmed the Millennium Institute of Sport and Health in New Zealand and directing the Scottish Institute of Sports Medicine and Sports Science. Furthermore, his integral role in the Inaugural Steering Committee led to the establishment of the ground-breaking UK Sports Institute in the 1990s.

As a strategic advisor to StratX Consulting, Professor Stewart brings a wealth of experience, credibility, and an unparalleled understanding of sports and academia. His distinguished background ensures that he remains an invaluable asset, guiding the firm with wisdom, integrity, and vision.

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