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Earl Eddings

Earl Eddings

Earl Eddings is a distinguished business leader and consultant with a remarkable portfolio of executive and board positions in local and international organizations. He holds several prestigious roles, including Syndicate Chair of the CEO Institute, Director of the International Cricket Council and Non-executive Director of the Kerry Packer Foundation. Earl also served as the Managing Director of Greencap, an ASX-listed company, and Managing Director of Asia Pacific, a UK-listed organization. In addition, he was a Non-executive Director of MSL, listed on the ASX.

With a passion for governance and risk management, Earl is a former member of the RMIT Graduate Business of Law and MBA Program Advisory Board and Settle Easy. He also chairs the boards of Worx Induction and Invictus Partners, where his leadership acumen and strategic thinking play pivotal roles in shaping organizational outcomes.

Earl's impressive memberships further highlight his standing in the professional community. As a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia and a graduate of AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors), he is recognized for his expertise and contributions to the field. Earl is also a Life Member of Cricket Victoria, and North Melbourne Cricket Club, solidifying his enduring dedication to the sport.

Throughout his illustrious career, Earl has achieved significant milestones. His first start-up made it to the BRW top 25 start-ups and the Top 100 fastest-growing companies in 2005, setting the stage for subsequent successes. With a rich governance and risk management background, Earl has provided expert consultation to public and private enterprises, spearheading some of Australia's most significant risk management and health and safety projects.

As Chair of Cricket Australia, Earl exhibited exemplary leadership during a challenging period for Australian cricket in the aftermath of the ball-tampering scandal. His experience and passion for risk management and leadership were vital in guiding the sport towards a more sustainable future.

Earl's expertise encompasses diverse areas, including board and executive governance, enterprise risk management, leadership and culture, business strategy planning, and health and safety. His focus on building sustainable strategic risk programs and guiding executive leaders to make informed decisions has proven invaluable across various domestic and international industries.

Earl Eddings' exemplary track record as a leader, consultant, and governance expert has earned him a well-deserved reputation as a respected industry influencer. With his keen insights and commitment to enhancing organizational outcomes, Earl continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of businesses and contributing to the growth and success of organizations worldwide.

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