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About StratX

Welcome to StratX, your gateway to innovative and strategic solutions in the higher education sector. As a leader in educational consulting, we stand out through our commitment to excellence and a team of experts drawn from the pinnacle of academia and industry.

Why StratX Stands Apart

A Wealth of Global Experience: Our team hold qualifications from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Manchester, Melbourne Business School, and Warwick University.

Adaptive Strategies for Diverse Institutions: Our team have a proven track record of guiding universities of all types and sizes—urban, regional, single, and multi-campus, across public and private sectors—through the evolving educational landscape.

Our Collaborative Approach

At StratX, active listening is the cornerstone of our methodology. We integrate your vision and values into custom strategies, drawing from deep collective expertise. No matter the challenge, our experience means we've seen it and have the insight to resolve it with discretion and efficacy.

Why Forge a Partnership with StratX?

Bespoke Strategies: We understand that your institution's needs are unique. Our bespoke solutions are meticulously crafted to match the specific contours of your challenges and ambitions.

Assured Confidentiality: With StratX, your institution's challenges are handled with the highest level of confidentiality. We are dedicated to maintaining the trust and privacy paramount to our partnership. 

Begin Your Strategic Transformation

Join forces with StratX to advance your institution's standing in the higher education landscape. Contact us for a conversation that will set the course for a brighter educational future. Let's start shaping tomorrow, today.

what we do

Our Services

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Strategic Planning

At StratX Consulting, we specialise in empowering every academic division within your institution—departments, schools, faculties, colleges, and research centres—to realise and exceed their ambitions. We help you advance by transforming goals into tangible results.

Strategic Plans that Deliver Results

​Our collaborative process ensures that your strategic plans are not just good on paper but are actionable and effective:

Review and Refine: We sharpen your existing strategies for better results.

Goal Setting with Precision: We'll set achievable goals aligning with your institution’s vision.

Strategic Mapping: Our experts will outline a detailed path to success tailored specifically to your needs.

Success Metrics: We establish clear benchmarks to measure progress and hit targets.

Adaptable Delivery: Whether through online platforms or in-person sessions, we deliver our services in the format that best suits your team.

Engaging Workshops: Our interactive workshops foster team alignment and inspire innovative thinking.


At StratX Consulting, we don’t just offer a plan—we provide a partnership and promise to elevate your institution’s standing through a meticulously crafted, actionable strategy.

Faculty Restructures

At StratX Consulting, we specialise in transforming schools, departments, colleges, and faculties and enriching workplace culture, ensuring staff delight in their professional environment.

Collaborative Transformation Journey

Assessment with Insight: We begin by thoroughly evaluating your current academic landscapes—identifying opportunities within schools, departments, colleges, and faculties for cultural and structural improvement.

United Strategy Development: We work with your team to develop a strategic plan reflecting shared academic and workplace excellence goals.

Mindful Implementation: Our implementation process is crafted to ensure changes enhance the educational experience while also fostering a positive, inclusive work culture.

Cultural Enrichment: Post-restructuring, we focus on nurturing a collaborative environment where staff feel valued and motivated.

Tailored Improvements: Whether fostering cross-disciplinary cooperation within a faculty or enhancing support systems in a department, StratX delivers solutions that make workplaces happier and more productive.

Partner with StratX Consulting for a restructured academic setting where innovation thrives and staff satisfaction soars.

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Leadership Development

StratX Consulting is committed to advancing the expertise of academic leaders, from Discipline Leaders, Heads of Departments and Schools, Deputy Deans and Deans, Pro Vice Chancellors, to Research Centre Directors, through targeted development and coaching. We strive to shape leaders who excel in academia and foster inspiring workplace cultures.


Leadership Excellence 

Custom Development: Tailored programs meet the precise needs of academic leaders, enhancing their influence and impact.


Personal Coaching: Individual coaching sessions equip leaders with the skills to motivate and drive progressive change.


Culture Building: We prioritise nurturing leaders who amplify their department's spirit and operational effectiveness.

Adaptable Delivery: We offer online and in-person services to ensure our leadership training is accessible to all.

Leadership Strategy: Our strategic input refines your leadership prowess for the dynamic academic environment.


StratX Consulting equips leaders with the necessary tools to forge a legacy of educational leadership and innovation.

Dispute Resolution

StratX Consulting specialises in mediating solutions for academic leaders, from Discipline Leaders to Pro Vice-Chancellors, facilitating the resolution of disputes with expertise and discretion. We aim to restore unity and foster collaborative success within academic hierarchies.

Dispute Resolution Program

Tailored Mediation: We craft conflict resolution strategies that address academic leadership disputes' unique challenges and dynamics.

Expert Facilitation: Our skilled facilitators guide leaders through a constructive process, promoting understanding and paving the way for amicable solutions.

Leadership Cohesion: We focus on rebuilding strong leadership teams capable of collective decision-making and enhanced departmental synergy.

Flexible Sessions: StratX provides virtual and face-to-face mediation sessions to accommodate the busy schedules of academic professionals.

Strategic Reconciliation: Our approach equips leaders with the skills to navigate and resolve conflicts, ensuring a cooperative and productive academic environment.

StratX Consulting empowers leaders with the resolution tools to overcome disputes, ensuring sustained collaboration and leadership excellence.


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Market-Oriented Courses

StratX Consulting excels in developing market-oriented courses that attract and retain undergraduate and postgraduate students, catering to various learning modes.

Strategic Course Development 

Market-Driven Curriculum Design: We construct curricula that align with current industry demands, enhancing student employability and market relevance.

Attractive Assessment Methods: Our innovative assessment strategies measure learning effectively and appeal to student interests and career aspirations.

Adaptive Educational Models: We ensure our course designs are suited for traditional, online, and blended learning environments, attracting a diverse student body.

Engagement-Focused Workshops: StratX leads faculty workshops to collaboratively develop courses that resonate with student ambitions and market trends.

Outcome-Oriented Approaches: Our focus is on creating educational pathways that direct students to career opportunities, setting them up for success in the competitive job market.

With StratX Consulting, institutions gain the edge in offering compelling, career-focused educational programs that stand out in the higher education marketplace.

Risk Management

StratX Consulting empowers academic leaders at all levels—from Discipline Leaders to Pro Vice-Chancellors—with robust risk management strategies, safeguarding the integrity and continuity of educational missions.

Proactive Risk Management

Strategic Risk Assessments: We conduct comprehensive evaluations to identify potential risks within academic operations, providing leaders with the foresight to pre-empt challenges.

Customised Mitigation Plans: Our tailored plans equip academic leaders with the tools and knowledge to navigate and mitigate risks effectively, protecting their departments and faculties.

Leadership Resilience Training: StratX fortifies leaders with the resilience to manage unforeseen issues, ensuring they can focus on their core educational objectives.

Flexible Delivery Options: Our risk management training and consultations are available online and face-to-face, ensuring we meet the needs of busy academic professionals.

Expert-Led Solutions: With a team of experts specialising in the unique landscape of higher education, StratX provides industry-leading advice to foster a secure and stable academic environment.

By partnering with StratX Consulting, academic leaders are armed with cutting-edge risk management strategies, instilling confidence in their governance and securing the legacy of their institutions.

Risk Management - process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organiza

Our Mission

To help higher education leaders drive innovation, academic excellence and sustainable growth.

Mission & Value

Our Values

university graduates


Striving for excellence in all services provided, delivering valuable and well-researched insights to help clients achieve their goals

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Client-centric approach

Putting the needs and objectives of clients at the forefront, tailoring consulting services to meet their specific requirements

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We uphold high ethical standards, maintaining honesty and transparency in all interactions with clients and stakeholders


We are dedicated to providing our clients with tailor-made solutions, led by our team of senior consultants, who are passionately committed to ensuring your success.
- Professor Mark Farrell,
Founder and CEO.
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