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Professor Mark Farrell

Heading 6

Founder and CEO

Mark is a highly experienced global leader in business education. With a background in marketing and advertising agencies in the UK and holding senior leadership positions in multi-campus and metropolitan universities, Mark brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his StratX. 

Mark has played instrumental roles at the European Foundation for Management Development and, most recently, was a member of the European Online Course Certification System Board. Mark has served on the Board of Directors at the Business Law Institute, University of Luzern, Switzerland, and has been a member of the Academic Advisory Board at SP Jain School of Global Management, Singapore. 

Recognised as a thought leader, Mark has published numerous articles in top-tier international journals. He also co-authored the critically acclaimed book 'The Market Oriented University: Transforming Higher Education.' This publication has garnered positive reviews and widespread acclaim within the educational community, with renowned figures endorsing its importance and impact. 

"The Market Oriented University provides a truly insightful look into the agents of change across the university system…This book is a must-read for all stakeholders of the educational system – administrators, faculty, students, parents, taxpayers, and policymakers alike." 

Professor Jin K. Han, Singapore Management University 

"The book draws on the authors' deep understanding and knowledge of the tertiary sector and marketing strategy, making its reading vital for all university managers and academics." 

Professor Christopher Adam, University of New South Wales 

"This is not another book that says, 'universities should be run like businesses.'…should be required reading for anyone with leadership within a modern university." 

Emeritus Professor of Law, Howard Hunter, Singapore Management University 


Mark's dynamic and accomplished career exemplifies his commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the advancement of higher education. His multifaceted expertise, strategic insights, and ability to inspire change make him a highly sought-after professional. 

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