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Cath Nolan

Senior Consultant

Cath is a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional, renowned as a high-quality consultant. Through creative insight, intellectual rigour, and hard work, Cath is respected for delivering unique, elegant, and workable legal, education, governance, and commercial solutions.

With a Senior Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School and an LLB from Sydney University, Cathryn's qualifications demonstrate her commitment to continuous growth. She has held senior positions at prominent legal firms such as DLA Piper, Praemium, Abbott Stillman and Wilson, Chambers and Company, and Phillips Fox.  Cathryn also founded her successful legal firm, Nolan Legal.

Cathryn's expertise extends to legal consulting, business strategy, interpersonal and organisational skills, contract review, and negotiation. She has served as a Non-Executive Director at Consolidated Franchise Group and held the position of Associate Director (Deputy) & Lecturer at Victoria University's Courts & Tribunals Academy.

Beyond her professional achievements, Cathryn has contributed to organisations such as the Victorian Society for Computers and the Law, Women in Finance (Victoria), and the Technology and Law Committee for the Law Institute of Victoria. She has also held academic positions at Monash Business School, Deakin University, RMIT University, and Future Learn.

Cathryn's expertise, experience, and dedication make her a sought-after consultant and industry leader. Her ability to deliver innovative solutions has earned her a reputation for excellence, making her a trusted partner for organisations seeking exceptional guidance.

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