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Team Meeting

Our Team

We are a team of seasoned senior leaders in global higher education, bringing experience to help solve your challenges. With a deep understanding of the unique issues higher education leaders face in both public and private sectors of higher education, we are well-equipped to provide effective solutions. 

Our extensive experience includes successful projects in a variety of institutions, ranging from city-based universities to regional and multi-campus organizations, encompassing both public and private sectors. We have consistently delivered outstanding results and positively impacted these diverse educational environments. 

Rest assured, whatever challenge you may be confronting, we have likely encountered it before and have the expertise to address and resolve it effectively. Our collective experience enables us to approach each issue with a comprehensive understanding and a proven track record of success. 

When you partner with us, you can be confident that you are engaging a team of professionals who grasp the complexities of higher education leadership and possess the hands-on experience to navigate any obstacle. Together, we will find innovative and tailored solutions to ensure your institution thrives in today's dynamic educational landscape. 

Meet Our Team

Professor Tom Lowrie

Senior Consultant

"We are dedicated to providing our clients with tailor-made solutions, led by our team of senior consultants, who are passionately committed to ensuring your success."
Professor Mark Farrell,
Founder and CEO.
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